How did bility come to be?


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Funding Program is a grants programme awarded in 2019 by the Government of Canada to initiatives aimed at increasing public awareness of the SDGs. For WDO, this opportunity enabled us to develop what has now become this interactive platform on design and sustainability.



We have worked closely alongside a variety of collaborators and independent advisors to identify a selection of innovative sustainability research, launched an international call to curate existing resources and tools, as well as produced an array of original content.



Launched in 2021, [bility] is the result of our efforts to raise awareness of the impact of design towards achieving the SDGs and inspire designers and non-designers alike to join the sustainable design movement.

The World Design Organization (WDO) is an international non-governmental organization that promotes the profession of industrial design and its ability to generate better products, systems, services, and experiences; better business and industry; and ultimately a better environment and society.