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Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Circulytics® is the most comprehensive circularity measurement tool for companies regardless of industry, complexity, and size.

Case Study Library – Creating Trust in the Circular Economy

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

A library of circular economy related case studies from around the world.

Circular Design Community Group on LinkedIn

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

A LinkedIn group about design and the circular economy for people to share relevant learnings, questions and success stories.

Circular Design Guide

IDEO, Ellen MacArthur Foundation


A guide to raise awareness of the circular economy, nurture new systems perspectives across industries, and share practical innovation methods.

Circular Design Toolkit

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Offering a selection of curated resources, this toolkit is for those who want to learn, apply, and contribute to bringing circular design to life.

Do Better. Sustainable Product Design


Martine Stillman, Will Harrison, Lina Cowen, Teja Chatty2020

An e-book abstracting proprietary sustainable design processes into easy-to-use tools, which can then be applied to any hardware product development.

Simultaneous Battery and Capacitor Design Model

Moye Consultants

A novel energy storage device model that considers the properties of a device, computing the amount of energy stored or discharged during a discharge cycle.


Disruptive Design

A global experimental knowledge lab activating impactful learning systems to help redesign the world so that it works better for all of us.


Disruptive Design

A design agency developing design tools and creative interventions to help make the transition to a circular and more sustainable economy.

The Ecotopia 2121 Project

Ecotopia 2021

Dr. Alan Marshall

A compendium of 100 illustrated stories to explore how different cities from around the world can become more eco-friendly in the future.

Play Rethink: The Eco-Design Game

Play Rethink

Play Rethink is an eco-design thinking tool that helps you rethink your products and services and reduce their environmental impact.

Design Thinking: A Guide for Prototyping and Testing Solutions for Sustainable Development Goals

UNDP’s Youth Leadership Programme (YLP)


This guide provides young people with tools and tips for prototyping, testing and implementing their solutions to today’s most pressing development challenges.

Learning Network on Sustainability International

LeNS International

LeNSin was an EU-supported project (2015-2018), involving 36 universities that aimed to promote a new generation of designers to transition towards a sustainable society.


Urban Mind Studio

Being. is a simple tool for to determine ‘how to be’ in any situation, offering a Design Code for life.

Key Takeaways London Design Festival 2020 Trend Report



Highlights from the London Design Festival 2020, which embraced sustainability and called for action beyond awareness, collaboration and connection through art, craftsmanship and heritage.

The triple layered business model canvas: A tool to design more sustainable business models

Concordia University Montreal

Alexandre Joyce, Raymond L. Paquin2016

This model is a tool for exploring sustainability-oriented business model innovation. It extends the original business model canvas by adding an environmental and social layer.

How can World Design Capital (WDC) programme better incorporate United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG 11) in future strategies?

Carleton University

Ahmed Asfand2019

This thesis paper investigates the ways in which the World Design Capital programme can incorporate SDG 11 as part of its design agenda to aid in the sustainable development of cities.

SPeAR® Handbook 2017



The handbook contains useful information which introduces SPeAR® as a tool and explains the SPeAR® framework, process and navigation.

Designing a Circular Future: An Introduction to Circular Economy & Design


Elisabetta Rizzato, Ana Luiza Magalhaes, Marlon Chiumento2020

This e-book explores the main origins, principles and strategies of the circular economy, offering case studies and interviews with those in this field.

The Sustainable Development Goals in Canadian Design School Curricula

Carleton University

Jed Looker2017

A summary of a study that explores to what extent Canadian industrial and graphic design programs that have included the UN SDGs in their curricula.



Re-nourish is a nonprofit organization that provides online tools and advocates for awareness and action for sustainable systems thinking in the visual communication design community.



Trophec is a tool to engage people in a playful and simple way in sketching and investigating a product’s lifecycle.

Ins and Outs of Revolving Doors

Boon Edam

While the energy conservation benefits of revolving doors have long been understood, this resource explains their inherent health benefits as urban airborne pollution levels rise.

An Inside Look at Why Businesses are Installing Revolving Doors

Boon Edam

A basic understanding of the way air behaves in a building sheds light on the benefits of revolving doors.

Design for Social Sustainability: A framework for creating thriving new communities

Saffron Woodcraft, Nicola Bacon, Lucia Caistor-Arendar, Tricia Hackett2012

This paper sets out how to plan, design and develop socially sustainable communities through ideas and examples that are drawn from large-scale review of evidence.

Foo Reuse Design

Foo Reuse Design

The Foo Reuse Design brand works with refugees and asylum seekers to design useful objects by reusing present materials, such as disposable plastic bottles.

Green Map

Green Map System

Green Map System empowers a diverse global movement mapping local green living, nature, social and cultural resources in cities, villages and neighbourhoods in 65 countries.

Circular Design Challenge

Brayan Pabón

Circular Design Challenge is an online community that promotes circular thinking amongst designers through challenges that incorporate circular design strategies.


Climate Designers

An global online community of designers and creative professionals of all backgrounds that are working to leverage their skills towards climate action.

Ecodesign Learning Factory

Fraunhofer IZM

The Ecodesign Learning Factory is a training programme for developing innovative products and services, focused on providing circular economy opportunities that emphasize design thinking.

The Climate Action Workforce

Hive Initiative

Hive Initiative is a global community organized to support people taking climate action, namely by sharing relevant practices, tools and resources.

Agri-Fiber Paper Making Lab

Fresh Press Paper, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (School of Art + Design)


This project aims to create a sustainable design studio that provides knowledge and services to establish sustainable design solutions for the University of Illinois campus.

SPeAR® Flexible and robust sustainability decision-making tool



SPeAR® (Sustainable Project Appraisal Routine) is a flexible and robust sustainability appraisal tool designed as a decision-making framework to support project development and communicate outcomes.

Digitalisation and the UN Sustainable development Goals: What role for design

University of Oslo

Maja van der Velden2018

This paper investigates the relation between digitalisation and the SDGs, and proposes the notion of sustainment as a foundational principle for the sustainability of digitalisation.

Okala Practitioner – Integrating Ecological Design

Philip White, Louise St. Pierre, Steve Belletire

Product designers, architects, interior designers, and graphic designers are particularly influential in design decisions that affect our limited resources and the quality of our shared habitat. The 2014 Okala Practitioner guide is organized for working designers, educators, and students in all design disciplines with practical methods for designing products, services and systems with low impacts to ecological health and human health.

Aesthetics of Sustainability: Material Experimentsin Product Design

École cantonale d’art de Lausanne

Davide Fornari

This volume contains the results of the research project ‘The Aesthetics of Sustainability’ led by ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne. It has involved Master’s students in product design, established materials specialists,producers and researchers and is designed to explore and define the aesthetic potential of a new generation ofsustainable materials.

Path to Impact

American Institute of Graphic Arts


Know who you want to impact and learn as much as you can about them, the community, and the existing conditions you aim to affect. Set clear impact goals for the project and quickly explore what it might take to realize those goals, what you already have, and what additional resources might be needed for your endeavor to be successful.

Tools for sustainability


This site is for designers, inventors, and startup founders who are curious about your options and are seeking practical advice for taking action. The following tools allow you to jump into whichever topic you like. Each topic has ‘content’ for you to read or watch, ‘exercises’ for you to apply what you have learned, and ‘examples’ for you to reference.

Sustainability Guide

Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID)


The Sustainability Guide provides inspiration and knowledge by gathering information, methods and good examples of how to use design to achieve a sustainable and circular business as well as social development.

2050 Scenarios: four plausible futures



What will the world look like in 2050? This report explores four plausible future scenarios based on the intersection between our planet’s health and societal conditions.

An Architecture Guide to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Association of Architects, UIA’s Commission on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Dreyer Foundation


An architectural guide focusing on the UN’s 17 world goals. This book has been created in collaboration between the Department of Architecture and Technology, KADK, the Association of Architects and UIA’s Commission on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is supported by the Dreyer Foundation.

Life-Saving Lullabies

University of Huddersfield, St John Zambia

Professor David Swann, Dr James Reid, Morrice Muteba, Professor Barry Doyle2020

Researchers at the University of Huddersfield are harnessing the power of song to spread vital healthcare messages – including Covid-19 precautions – among African women.

Close the Loop: A Guide Towards a Circular Fashion Industry

Flanders DC | District of Creativity and Circular Flanders

This online platform is a guide for fashion entrepreneurs on the basics of a more sustainable way of working. We want to encourage the industry to steer clear of a linear system (take-make-waste) and to embrace a more circular approach instead (with a focus on durability and avoiding waste).

Montréal 2030 Agenda for Quality and Exemplarity in Design and Architecture

Design Montréal


This online platform is a guide for fashion entrepreneurs on the basics of a more sustainable way of working. We want to encourage the industry to steer clear of a linear system (take-make-waste) and to embrace a more circular approach instead (with a focus on durability and avoiding waste).

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